Valencians living at Catalonia and defending democratic liberties

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Since events from September 2017 when raids were being done by Spanish police and paramilitary, Catalan police and some local guards, trying to find and withheld logisitical infraestructure expected to be allocated for referendum finally held by October 1st., Spanish State is considering Catalan self-determination movement as a serious threat to the status quo inherited by the end of Francoism period. The Spanish goverment was insisting that such democratic call couldn’t be fitted to Spanish Constitution terms, but it’s going after this basic reason that ended up underminning the constitutional consensus itself because the Government lies on an absolute and stony lack of political willingness nor any democratic behaviour.

Nosaltres, els valencians [We, valencians] living at Catalonia, are facing an unavoidable observation that the society from the country where we are living is wanting to decide freely and democratically which solution should be adopted regarding to the territorial question into Spain throughout peaceful ways. Jointly to more than two milion voters who represents more than half of Catalan electoral census, Valencians could be able to participate in an electoral process as full-pledged Catalan citizens. This referendum was held according to Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, allowable by the Spanish Constitution, fitted by the Treaty of the European Union, endorsed by the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights and based on the Declaration of Human Rights. As citizens from Valencian origins, we’re at inner context and we can not remain indifferent in the name of a fake equidistance.

Nosaltres, els valencians [We, valencians] living at Catalonia, are wittnessing this conflict with a special interest, solidarity, empathy and commitment, because we are democrats or because we are also feeling closer to Catalonia people due to cultural, linguistic and historical ties. We are feeling as warned as Spain is heading towards an authoritarist, recentralizing and uniformity strong drift. Those actions against Catalan self-determination movement are being coordinated jointly by Spanish Government, Constitutional Court, Spanish Judiciary, the Bourbonic Crown, the main assets of IBEX-35 (Madrid Stock Exchange), Atresmedia and Mediaset media holdings, Popular Party, Socialist Party, “Ciudadanos” Party, and a suitable amagalm of right-wing and Francoist nostalgics groups. Such actions means a serious takeover of public liberties against Catalan citizens, and it’s also an attack on their main democratic rights as Spain is overthrowing legitimate Catalan deputies re-elected from polls in December 21st, 2017 throug a narrow trial with any personal guarantee nor any trustworthiness.

Nosaltres, els valencians [We, valencians] living at Catalonia, are experiencing these events as hurtful because it could be also a potential and plausible threat against the very political existence of our Valencian self-government. These are the same political aims whose sparhead is obviating, annihilating and mocking the collective will of the Valencian Country. Therefore, we will stand up to defend democratic liberties of the people of Catalonia with determination and conviction put inside a gaze focused on the collective future of ours. Valencian people are confronting with a kind of Spain increasingly far away from a democratic ideal that could be open to national diversity, ideological plurality, social justice and respect for the different languages and cultures we are living with.

Nosaltres, els valencians [We, valencians] living at Catalonia, REQUIRE:

  • Immediate free release of catalans who are being imprisoned because of ideological and democratic beliefs.
  • Dismissal of case against the Catalan self-determination movement as a whole that would allow the return of exiled people because of political reasons.
  • Recognition and respect of the State towards the electoral results of both the referendum of the October 1st, 2017 and of the Catalan autonomous elections of December 21, 2017.
  • Restoration in the State of an effective power separation between Executive, Legislative and Judicial.
  • Inhibition of the Spanish Head of State in this matter while it’s not being requested from the each part in order to arrange a neutral mediation.
  • Public expression of solidarity from the Valencian civil society in defense of the political rights and democratic liberties of the people of Catalonia.
  • Rejection and condemnation of the impunity in the persecution and instigation of violence and hatred against Catalans and Valencians by anti-democratic extreme rightwing groups.
  • Renunciation from the State of the use of violence and military resources as a means of answering demands expressed peacefully.

Vic, March 23, 2018

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